Top 10 Tips to Decorate the Wall behind your TV

The TV room is like the entertainment room of a house where lots of things happen. The television in almost every house resides in the living room and sometimes in the bedroom too. The living room is the best place for television and other similar products. We invest a lot of time, money, and resources in making our living room look great but the wall behind the TV gets ignored most of the time.

Decorating or upgrading that particular wall can add more charm to the whole living room. It may look like a small upgrade, but it matters a lot and must be done in a planned way to get the best results. Go with the best interior design ideas to decorate the wall behind your TV and this post will help you figure the best one from hundreds of ideas available.

1.Faux Built-In

Mounting your TV is the best idea to make the TV wall look more elegant and sober at the same time. You can put floating shelves and low bookcases to provide the TV wall a built-in look. Make sure not to flood the wall with shelves and storages, keep it minimal.

The best thing will be installing some open bookcases and a single floating shelf below the TV mounts. Doing this will provide a permanent illusion without even making any permanent changes. Make effort to give the space a more airy and lighter feeling.

2.Create a Gallery Wall

Frames can make your TV wall look more than awesome if placed in a proper way. Transform your boring walls into a gallery wall by installing a handful of elegant frames. Prefer dark paint for your TV wall if you are thinking to pin it with frames in order to make the wall look soberer, decorating and less eyesore.


You can go with any art and style when it comes to choose the frames but make sure it’s relevant to the wall paint. Simple arrangements are best and get personalized with every décor and design easily. You can put family photos instead of art frames.

3.Incorporate the Fireplace

Do you have a furniture centering fireplace in your house?

If yes, then incorporating your TV above the fireplace could be the best idea. Doing this will also help you acquire the best possible focal point of your living room. Mounting your TV above the fireplace will help you blend two focal points without overlapping each other. Incorporating the fireplace with a TV will result in an uncluttered and clean look as you don’t have to add an external entertainment center or media cabinet.

4.Floating Shelf

The best appearance you can give to a regular shelf is to make it look floating. The space around your TV must look clutter-free at the same time capable of handling more storage.

Installing floating shelves can make your media unit look floating and that will be no doubt awesome. You can easily store and place multiple electronics inside and over these shelves without messing with the whole appearance.floating-shelf

5.Put Wallpapers

If you don’t want to experiment a lot with your TV wall them simply throw wallpaper on it and put small storage below the TV mount. It’s simple and easy to perform at the same time it provides the best possible decorative accent to your wall. Yet easy and simple, it could be the boldest approach and will add great personality to the wall behind your TV.

Doing the same will help you eliminate the unnecessary headache of putting art pieces, decors, and frames on your TV wall. Choose the appropriate wallpaper for that particular wall as they come in various prints, designs, colors, and patterns. 

6.Additional Lights

Never, ever underestimate the lights when it comes to home décor no matter if it’s only about decorating the TV wall. You can hang various types of lights according to your preference such as lamps, string lights, lanterns, etc. Make sure not to install brighter ones as they will look messier. Put the dimmer ones to create an elegant and soft look.

7.Stone Work

Stonework resembles your level of decorative skills and no place inside your house is perfect for boasting your home décor skills other than the TV wall. Stonework requires more time and skills but it also provides great details and elegance to your house. If you don’t want or afford real stonework then you can go with the faux ones too. There are many wallpapers and tiles available which come with stonework patterns.

8.Frame your TV

How about incorporating a frame around your TV itself rather than putting frames nearby? Undoubtedly it will be great and will provide a single picture feel.

This is a comparatively easier home décor activity than others and capable of providing a statement look to the wall behind your TV.

9.Mural Painting

Murals are one of the best home décor accessories and you should include them while decorating your house. An attractive and statement mural painting on the wall behind your TV will provide an artistic look. If you want to keep the TV solely at the wall and nothing else then putting a mural painting and converting it into an artistic canvas could be the best idea.

10.Include Sounds

Equip your house’s entertainment point with few more electronics such as soundbars and home assistants other than your TV. Placing these gizmos above a floating shelf or storage could be the best idea as it will look both great and elegant. Doing this will also help you convert your TV room into a mini-movie theatre and will also provide you and your guests a full-on cinema experience.

Bottom Line:

Home décor isn’t that difficult if done in a planned way. Just create a blueprint of the changes you want to do, look for the best tips, set a budget, and proceed accordingly. If you find your TV wall boring and want to do some decoration there, the tips featured above will help you a lot. You can easily convert the cluttered TV setup into the main focal point of your house by applying some of the tips listed in this post.

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